Mattress Comfort Matters

Bedder Mattress cares about the way you sleep. Mattress comfort is easily related to the way you sleep. There are few sleeping positions most people have. We will tell you what those positions are and what types of mattresses fit perfectly for that sleeping position. Shop by mattress comfort and never feel tired waking up again.

Mattress Firm

Firm mattresses are hard, they don't sink in too much. Firm mattresses will conform the best for stomach sleepers.

Mattress Medium

Medium mattresses work well for sleepers who move alot during sleep these beds support back and side sleepers well.

Mattress Soft

Soft mattresses are best for side sleepers due to its ability to conform to bodies. soft beds conform best to side sleepers.


Soft Mattress Comfort

Soft mattresses are ideal for side sleepers for its ability to conform to most body's. Soft mattresses can effectively contour to the hips and shoulders to provide great pressure relief. Back sleepers who need extra pressure might also consider these mattresses.

Soft mattresses will not work well for stomach sleepers as the mattress might sink in too much.

Soft comfort is cloud like and provides maximum pressure relief.


Medium Mattress Comfort

Medium mattress comfort has a good balance of soft and firm. These mattresses are more commonly used because of its ability to conform to most sleeping types.

Medium comfort works great for back sleepers.

Mid comfort works well for side sleepers.

Mid comfort may not always work for stomach sleepers but will do fine.


Firm Mattress Comfort

Firm mattresses tend to be more dense and don't sink in to much when pressure is applied. Although these mattresses might seem too hard at first but can be very helpful for stomach sleepers.

Firm comfort can be too hard for side sleepers but can work with back sleepers.

Firm comfort can be closely related to carpeted floor.