Natural Mattresses built with organic certified materials

Organic, Fiberglass-Free Mattresses

Green Mother Nature At Her Finest

Eliminate your exposure to fiberglass and, toxic chemicals. Greenguard Gold certified green mattresses using GOLS, OEKO-TEX, USDA certified organic rubber foam and, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton & Wool. Available in Original, Pillow Top, Double-Sided, and Double-Sided Pillow Top.

Vegan inside and out

We're proud to say our Harvest Vegan Mattresses are made with natural​ and certified organic materials. It's virtually the same as our Harvest Green mattress. However, without the use of any wool or animal-based products. This slight alteration does not affect the overall feel. No wool or animal-based products are used anywhere in our Vegan Style Mattresses. Available in Original and Pillow Top.

Organic Materials X's 2

Yes, double-sided mattresses are better.

Twice the material components means twice as comfortable and durable. It's virtually the same as our Harvest Green mattress but twice the fun. Double-Sided mattresses are available in Pillow Top and Original style. There’s really no particular upright position because both sides of the mattress are the same. This means that you enjoy the ultimate in comfort and a brilliant night’s sleep every time. Available in Green Original Double-Sided and Green Double-Sided.

Organic Topper, Green or Vegan

Just get the Topper

Our Harvest Green Topper is available in Green and Vegan bed featuring an organic cotton topper and a durable layer of latex foam. Certified organic cotton ensures superior softness and breathability, while the latex foam provides a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. With its quality components and construction, this topper is designed to provide years of restful sleep.

Harvest is the organic, all-natural alternative.

Our mattresses are made in the USA without petroleum-based polyurethane foams, chemical fire retardants or fiberglass. Our raw materials are free from toxic flame retardants, dangerous pesticides, volatile chemicals, and gases. Our Harvest Green Sleep products offer a safe, luxurious, healthier sleep surface that utilizes certified organic, all-natural eco-friendly materials. You will find no generic digital renderings or simulations of our mattresses. We only use original images of our insides. Our natural and organic materials feature:

• Certified Organic Dunlop Latex

• Certified Organic Wool

• Certified Organic Cotton

• Greenguard Gold Certified By UL Environment

• Pressure Relief Coil System

Handmade in the USA

Our Safe, Natural mattresses are made in the USA, unlike other online mattress offerings. All of our eco-friendly products are serviced locally throughout the USA. We are one of the few mattress brands you can research online and test in-store before making your decision. This allows you to buy locally and support your community business as they support you. Our 360-degree service model allows us to serve you on your terms and alleviate the environmental impact of high returns.

Certified Materials

We use certified organic wool, ​cotton, and latex. Our cotton and wool are completely natural and produced to meet the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. ​ Our certified organic Dunlop latex is GOLS certified. The GOLS seal is the premier certification class for latex mattresses. Our GOLS certification follows the organic latex from the organic latex farm, to the farmer, to the manufacturing process, to shipment. Our mattresses are Greenguard Gold certified and have been measured for various pollutants, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). There is only a small number of mattress makers that can make this claim.

Try our mattresses worry-free with our realistic warranties & 100 night trial. Or, try before you buy at one of our local experience centers and eliminate the hassle of a possible return. Check out our 8 important tips for making a sound, responsible mattress purchase.

Harvesting Natural Production Solutions. Avocado Green like GOTS Certified Wool & Cotton. USDA Organic Dunlop Latex. GOLS Organic Certified lobal Organic Latex Standard. Greenguard Gold Certified HARVEST IS CERTIFIED FOR LOW EMISSIONS. OEKO-TEX Certified Materials Harvest Green organic certified latex, wool, and cotton. eco-INSTITUT Certified in Cologne, Germany exceed the legal requirements