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vital sleep

Vital Sleep Woobie Pet Bed

Vital Sleep Woobie Pet Bed

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  • To help descrease dermal inflammation and minor joint inflammation.
  • To help soother & alleviate discomfort mild skin irritations.
  • To help to calm & reduce separation anxiety.
  • For copper driving anti-microbial defenss against mold, pollen, and bacteria.
  • For copper´s enhanced thermodynamic colling for sore joints and hips.


For cats & toy dog breeds recommended max weight 30 Ibs.


For small to medium dog breeds recommended max weight 60 lbs


For medium to large dog breeds recommended max weight 90 lbs.

They Deserve Our Best & Nothing Less

Pet-Safe Durable Layers

1) Durable, soft, and breathable all natural GOTS certified hemp fabric with a quilted pattern that is durable enough for digging and clearing of their space.

2) HemPURE-Pedic-PLUS™ Copper cooling gel memory foam w/hemp-derived THC-free isolate + an organic coconut MCT topical delivery vehicle + cooling gel beads + thermodynamic copper microbeads.

3) GladiatorCore™ ultra-resilient core base foam, a breathable, incredibly durable, and pportivesoy-soy based organic heart.

Vital Sleep Woobie Bed Details

Woobie Description

Description: Copper Therapeutic Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pet Bed brings a science-based approach combining thermodynamic copper microbeads and hemp-derived THC-free isolate with exclusive modern performance cooling gel memory foam supported by an ultra-resilient organic core.

Premium memory foam entire body comfort: Full-body pressure point relief for your pet’s most restful time.
Anti-inflammatory: Topical hemp-derived isolate has medically observed strong correlations in people and pets with arthritis pain management and reduced joint swelling.

Anti-microbial and hypoallergenic: Copper particles radiate positive ion particles into their proximate environments rendering bacteria, pollen, mold spores, and viruses inert and harmless. Many people do not realize their pets can also suffer from pollen, mold, and grass allergies. Reducing the amount of viable allergens that falls off their floof onto their favorite bed is an excellent first step in pet allergy management.

Anti-bacterial and anti-odor: Our breathable organic hemp cover naturally possesses antibacterial properties, making it harder for mold and mildew to grow, and preventing unpleasant smells.
Stacked skin irritation management (flea bites & scratches): Copper particles share similar physical properties as silver in terms of anti-microbial efficiencies resulting in a long-term reduction in bacterial loads in a sleep environment. We stack this reduction along with a known anti-inflammatory hemp-derived isolate to speed bug bite recovery times and reduce swelling and irritation. Please note that the low and slow Woobiebed™ CBD delivery philosophy does not lead to dramatic overnight results in people or pets. Please continue to follow best practices and vet recommendations. Your Woobiebed™ PET BED is there to work quietly in the background over time.

Stacked cooling: Big boys and girls are floofy furnaces of love and odd smells who certainly appreciate a measure of cooling with their comfort; and, technically speaking, copper is nature’s 2nd most effective thermal conductor – your pet’s bed surface will continue to channel away ambient heat energy from your pet until the top 2” of gel memory foam reaches an evenly distributed internal temperature (equilibrium); stacked with cooling gel memory foam + breathable core foam structure + breathable organic cover material.

Isolate delivery: Low and slow over an estimated 2-year period given everyday indoor use; your pet’s movements on the mattress surface slowly drive trace amounts of hemp-derived isolate from the open-cell void spaces to your pet’s fur, which then works down to their skin for absorption, following the exact mechanism used by flea and tick drops.

Isolate testing: Our hemp-derived THC-free isolates are tested at Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs out of San Diego to 99.23% potency.
No oily feel – no hemp smell – no false positives: HemPure-Pedic-PLUS™ Copper gel memory foam creates no oily residue or hemp smell. Sleeping on a CBDreamRX-PLUS™ Copper Pet Bed cannot cause false positives on drug tests (our isolate is 100% derived from hemp and has been tested with no detection of THC). So normally, we share this last part to put people’s minds at ease for our people beds, pillows, and toppers. But you know, we’d be lying if we said there has never been a day when we didn’t find ourselves partially sharing space on a pet bed with one of our dogs. We’re giving you the official green light for a maximum cuddle.

Cover materials:
Top cover: GOTS Certified Organic Hemp Cover – durable, soft, and breathable natural fibers with a fun quilted pattern, natural light linen-like beige with tan stitching.
Cover (side) border material: Dark walnut brown 100% polyester fabric.
Base cover: 100% upholstery grade fabric for durability. The fabric on your Woobiebed™ Pet Bed is not waterproof and is not recommended for outdoor use.

Warranty Information

Best-In-Class 1-Year Factory Warranty

Safety & Certifications

Certifications Detail

✅ CertiPUR-US Certified components

Certified foam components in every one of our 2022 proprietary foams.

✅ No forever chemicals

We have no fiberglass in our fabrics or our foams. We have no chemical fire retardants, PFAS or PFOS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), bisphenol plasticizers (BPA or BPS), phthalates, no vinyl, no potentially harmful glues, or adhesives.

✅ Weight capacity

When properly cared for, we can offer you an honest minimal loss of feel & function over time. Supporting up to 100lbs on a medium and 150lbs on a large.

✅ Long-term stable surface

Our custom foams are thoroughly tested in-house against separation and edge deformities.

♻️ Sustainability

Our Washington factory sources over 80% of our electricity needs from wind and solar.